‘Hearing the Mystery Plays’ was a sound installation resulting from my research into the acoustics of the performance spaces of the York Mystery Plays.  This installation explored how the acoustics of the street spaces and different staging configurations might have affected the spoken and sung items of the plays.

This installation took place at All Saints Church, Pavement (York, UK) and was part of a series of events accompanying the staging of the York Mystery Plays in July 2014.

Visitor Comments

“What an unusual presentation, fascinating!”

“Fascinating to hear what we would have sounded like.  So many words are the same”

“I love the thought that the producers were experimenting with acoustics!”

“History lives!!”

“It’s fascinating to hear this kind of music within this old church.”

“Fascinating! Reminded me of my Chaucerian studies!”

“Such beautiful music – and so atmospheric!”

“Thank you for this wonderful experience we’ve had”

“Evocative and really quite moving – fabulous tenor! Great use of technology – accessible for a non-specialist.”

“Stimulation of the senses. Great!”

“Very interesting aspect of the plays I had not fully considered before.  There seems to be a lot of future potential research on both York and other medieval cities that had plays. I look forward to more results!”

“Magnificent work!”

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