Excite your ears - 2019 Pro Audio Technology Convention - The Convention Centre Dublin Program March 20-23 Showcase March 21-23 Broadcast, Studio & Home Recording, Post Production, Sound for Picture, Networked Audio, Live Event, Games/VR, Student Activities, Careers Fair

In March 2019 I’m heading to Dublin to co-chair the convention.  I will also be chairing a number of sessions, here are the confirmed ones!

*AES Diversity and Inclusion Committee Town Hall: Focus on Gender Equality

Chair: Mariana Lopez

Confirmed Panellists:

Leslie Gaston-Bird; Charlie Slee; Agnieszka Roginska, Nadja Wallaszkovits

*Audio, Accessibility and the Creative Industries

Audio is a powerful tool in the provision of accessible experiences for people with disabilities. Advancements in production and broadcasting technologies means that now more than ever we should be thinking about how those can help provide inclusive experiences within the creative sector. This workshop brings together experts in the field of audio and accessibility and will focus on new research on Audio Description for visually impaired audiences, the use of object based broadcasting to better cater for the needs of audiences with hearing loss as well as the use of e-textiles to provide accessible experiences within creative contexts.

Chair: Mariana Lopez


Emilie Giles

Ben Shirley

Sarah McDonagh

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